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This is so cool

This is awesome

Simply Amazing

Accurate and Well Written! I appreciate this app even existing! Thanks 😊

Ignored & Stole $

I have been waiting for a refund for a subscription I never wanted. I emailed them multiple times explaining the situation. They told me I could cancel the subscription AFTER they had already charged me $19.99 for something I didn’t sign up for. And have now ignored the last attempts I made to request ANY response at all, including my request for a refund. Not at all acceptable.

Stole my money after I cancelled

I cancelled this subscription when the palm reading came back totally wrong and I found your horoscopes to be confusing and nonsensical. As for the biorhythms, there is no explanation what they even are let alone how to read what you present. I cancelled immediately, but you charged me $22 anyway! Dan at “customer support” pretty much told me too bad. This app is a scam!

Wow just amazing

Lol. Fastest uninstall ever


This explains me in great details, loved it!!!


They tricked me they didn’t tell me what my life was going to be or nun they said wait 2hrs and 50 sec and after that amount of time they didn’t tell me anything

Is amazing

I love this app the only problem is that it’s pretty expensive but if you want to go quicker it’s like 20 bucks I personally think that it should be free the whole thing

Testing Out

Testing out will write another review after 3 day trial is up

Charges your account after cancellation

I canceled this ap and they are still trying to bill me.


Because it ain’t free.


If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I thought I had a 3 day free trial and it charged me $49.99 the first 2 minutes of using the app. I’ve tried to get the charges cancel and they won’t remove the charge.

Pretty Cool, Great Accuracy

Very spot on. Spelling mistakes after palm reading which let me know it’s not all computer generated. It is a actual person reviewing.


It says it’s free, but they make you sign up for an account before you can use the app. I closed everything out and deleted the app before the 3 day “trial period” was over, but got charged $21 through iTunes. I emailed developer support as soon as the charge hit my bank, and at first they were very responsive (even in the middle of the night in my time zone), but I’ve emailed multiple times asking for a refund, and have gotten no response. Very scammy and poor customer service.

U kidding me

Paid feedbacks, that’s why u’ve got first place .... is it legal?))) you guys got a great little scam going down here)) waste of time, waste of money

Why do you always make me pay

I don't want to pay for something you can just look up online

Scam - charge card can’t cancel

Don’t do trial it won’t let you cancel and you can’t cancel at anytime without calling credit card company. There’s no way to cancel the free trial that turns into a membership

It doesn’t work :(

Unfortunately after the three day free sub you have to start paying a bit of money which isn’t my issue my issue is it doesn’t work the astrology was way off and my palm reading was off too save your money

They took money out of account without renewing

0 stars. I deleted the app and they still took money out of my account when I had already canceled my subscription

Absolute Scam

The app never worked for me in the first place, it said my palm was still under review (so they could get $9.99/week while I waited). It bills you weekly, not monthly. Contacted Apple about this already.

Impossible to unsubscribe

It’s an alright app? But when I decided I had had enough of vague horoscopes and lack luster information, i was charged multiple months when I thought I had unsubscribed. Would not recommend

Waste of time

This app is a waste of time. You have to buy the monthly subscription in order to do anything on this app. The only thing you can do is enter your name and birthdate.

Do Not Get. Scam!!

FAKE!!!! It’s a Scam, Watch out!!!

Not a fan.

I tried contacting the support email with no response. No helpful.


Somethings should be free

Overpriced garbage

Not worth a penny. There are better apps out there. This one is the bottom of the barrel.

Good so far

I’ve had the app less then 2 hours have been asked to rate it a few times already makes me a little annoyed but the results that came back for me are right so I’m very interested in learning more about the app.

Like this app

Great app

Supposedly free

You download the app for free but won’t read anything unless you subscribe by paying. Should have allowed at least one free reading

Wish I could afford this 😔

Truly help me with life thank you very 😘🤗


I want to cancel it won’t allow me to cancel. Trash. I will dispute any charges on this my card.

The review

The app is so awesome and you know what ?! It reads everything in my mind the results and the daily problems that I’m facing in my daily life really fits ! I got GOOSEBUMPS! Overall it’s a great application not great it’s a marvelous application !👏👏

If I could give it a zero I would

You can’t do anything unless you do the 3 day free trial and then risk forgetting to cancel and them charging you $19.99 a month which is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Don’t bother unless you want to give them your cc

This app won’t let you do anything unless you get a 3-day trial, after which they will bill you unless you cancel.


When I got this app I was super excited and when I went in to it it asked me for my name and birthdate and then after that I went in and then I clicked one thing thinking it would be free but then this pops up “pay for monthly subscription” so I just thought it was that one thing so I clicked on a different one and then the same thing pops up so then I tried the last thing the SAME THING POPS UP uhhhhhh I just thought it would be free but no, they only thing that was free was putting in your name and birthdate. It’s just a HUGE scam don’t waste your time.

I knew the results would be unspecific bs. Just wanted to try it for fun.

The lines mentioned that described me as a certain way didn’t match the picture of my palms that I sent in at all, rather the entire diagnosis was based off of my birthday and my corresponding star sign. I connected with some of the diagnosis, but that was probably coincidence seeing as more than half of it didn’t describe me at all. It was sort of fun, but definitely don’t pay for this.

It’s ok😓😠

Well u have to pay for things and that’s not good for people that don’t have a lot of money so I give it a rating of 3/5

Mr: Sdj

Let wait and see

Didn’t work

Scanned my hands, waited about 30 min for the report to generate, then when I entered the app to review the results (and clicked on the notification icon), the app would just shut off. So I never got to see my results.

Mind blown

So accurate and truthful. Wow!

Amazingly Accurate!


Accurate horoscope

This app is wonderful but not free 😭 to good to be true huh😜🤣🤣🤣peace and love 💕




App is so true about everything especially the palm reading

This app is baiting for money

I got the app because it was free & I wanted to see what it would offer. However, you can’t do ANYTHING in the app unless u either subscribe to a free trial that will eventually charge u (at minimum) $10/month. Or you can just jump into paying for it!!! There was literally no aspect of the app that could be viewed or anything for free. Waste of time.

Couldn’t get a reading on my palm

Was a great app wasn’t able to fit my hand to get a “real reading”. Had to return the app please fix this developer otherwise it is a wonderful application! Love and light

Watch the Small Print

I didn’t even use this app after I downloaded it except to open it once. I saw that there was a free trial period but must have misread it. I was charged $19.99 which I’ve never spent on any app before. I wrote and complained, received a reply that didn’t directly address my issue, wrote again then nothing except I’m out 20 bucks for something I never used.

This is the worst app ever!

I wanted to do the free trial so I signed up. I thought their feed back was mediocre so I emailed them to see how I cancel my “free” trial. They never emailed me back. I was charged and I keep getting charged. Don’t download this app!!!!!

Not impressed...

This app is terrible. You can’t do anything unless you’re willing to pay $20 a month.

Can’t unsubscribe

I got this app just wanting to do the trial, to see how I liked it, and now there’s no option to unsubscribe. I don’t want to pay for a subscription because the astrology part of it is nowhere close to sufficient.

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