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This app keeps charging me money and I don’t use it


I would give this an 8 out of 5 if that were possible. I have never had a palm reading before until earlier this morning and this has changed me in the best way possible!!!! Love this app!

Definitely don’t pay for this.

Super generic astrology stuff you can get lots of other places for free. No explanation of what the biorhythm even is or what the scores mean for you, palm reading seemed really off and also had somewhat generic response. Not worth it. Why would you pay $20 a month for a daily horoscope? Your palm likely won’t change so how many times are you really going to use it after the first time? Super lame


This palm reading session was very accurate. Thank you!


Just read the T&Cs. Carefully.

Charged for a free trial

Did the free trial and it says to cancel before 3 days or you will be billed monthly for the subscription. I was billed on day 1 of my “free” trial. Customer service has not responded to any of my emails. Beware!!!

over priced

almost twenty a month? think again

I want my money back

I had got the app to ty it out used the three day free trial and then I canceled it but it did not cancel and then charged my grandpa 25/29$ And I was wondering if I could get my money back


They clearly are just trying to get everyone to buy a subscription. Only gives you a few days of free trial and then starts charging with no authorization. When I immediately deleted the app and politely asked for a refund because I won’t use it, NO REPLY. I’m out $20 for no reason.


It’s glitching

Another download and delete

Misleading plus they are gathering your fingerprints beware

Scam App

This app does nothing, gives you a “free trial” then charges you per month if you don’t cancel the subscription. This app is a scam, and hopes that you don’t check your account charges too much.

Money hungry app

As soon as you boot this app up it’s asking for money.


This is an interesting concept for an app, and I am curious to learn the process behind their readings and such, but overall not worth the download. Whoever wrote the analysis has a habit of using large words that they don’t understand: “However with such prospective you shouldn’t forget that if you finish up in an atmosphere where you don’t need to maintain a fight mode, you are able to permeate despondency, even depression”. Quhaaaat? I’m currently trying to cancel my subscription, but it appears that I must purchase one of the plans before I can access the app settings to cancel anything. IE you will be spending a minimum of $10 if you download any version of this app including the “free” trial.

Monthly fee too expensive.

Wish there was one price for this app and not an expensive monthly fee to use it. 😕


This app is kinda creeping me out 😂every day I check my horoscope and its true and things happen I SWEAR I told my friend to download it cause it was so true and she was shocked 💀 DOWNLOAD TRUST ME YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED


Way to expensive waste of time

Don’t trust it

I don’t trust a random app that asks for your name and birthdate. Also the app shut down every time I tried to get my reading.

Stole my money..

I only wanted to try the free trial... I deleted this app because I cannot afford the monthly payment of $30 for palm readings... It just charged me $30 anyway on my card even though I deleted the app the day I tried it?? I did not sign up for this, and I need that money back to get home tonight. I really enjoyed my reading but this is not fair.


PLEASE READ! There is NO POSSIBLE WAY in any universe that these 5 star reviews are real. They are a scam and a joke just like the trial, the app’s features and the developers. First off, I’ve never encountered an app with such a short trial. They say it’s a 3 day trial, but now that I’ve noticed the fine print (only because I was looking for it), it’s actually only a 2 day trial because they charge you “24 hours before your subscription ends.” This app also does not allow you to cancel your trial subscription and continue using the trial until the end, like every single other trial I can EVER remember using. If you cancel the trial subscription, that’s it. This combination is just setting up consumers to get screwed and lose their money. I had set a reminder to cancel my trial on the 3rd day (believing there was a 3rd trial day) and discovered they had already charged me $19.99 for a month. I am so grateful Apple support was able to refund me my money. I only downloaded the trial for the palm reading, which I assume is what peaks most people’s interest in it. So I did the palm reading and received my results. They say it can take up to 2 hours like it’s actually being “analyzed” but the results come within 5 minutes. I thought it would be interesting to see the results of my fiancé’s compared to mine so I scanned his palms and what a surprise...THE RESULTS WERE WORD FOR WORD THE SAME. I wasn’t expecting much of anything from this, it was just something stupid to do, but you’d think that 2 different hands wouldn’t produce the exact same results. Also I thought palm reading was about your life; the results don’t provide any insight to what each line means or what your palm lines actually show; it’s more like your horoscope. THIS APP ISNT’T EVEN WORTH A PENNY! Think about yourself can only use the palm reader once and it’s pointless to try on others since apparently all results are the same and it’s 2 other “features” you can get for FREE: your horoscope and biorhythms which if you don’t know or understand, is 100% completely useless to you because all they give you is a list of percentages and no explanation about anything. I’ve never in my life encountered a worse app than this. Two features you can get for free and one single lying “palm reading” for $9.99, $19.99 or $49.99. THESE DEVELOPERS ARE JUST OUT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! I pray I can find other places to bash this joke and warn others about this scam.

Very poor

Not sure why I would pay $20/month for a generic generalized horoscope i can google for free. Save some time, and dont download.

Wouldn’t Recommend

While searching for an option to turn off the subscription, I was unable to find one on the app or on my phone. When I contacted them and asked them to cancel the subscription they did not respond and promptly charged me for the month. I wouldn’t recommend even downloading to look. You run the risk of being charged.


I try to view my results and it just keeps crashing. Don’t waste your time or money.


This thing was right about everything that I do and care about wasn’t accurate about a couple of things but I give it a four out of five it’s good and I recommend downloading this props to the people that made this you guys did a good job and I wish you all good luck with everything :)


So I download the app, usually knowing that all apps like this have a monthly subscription to get stuff like that. But all of those apps, ALL OF THEM, had at least something to do if you didn’t get the monthly subscription. This one, not a single thing to do. The only thing you get to do if you don’t pay the monthly subscription, is put your name and your birthdate. When I pressed something to do, it said: Pay the monthly subscription and unlock. So I was like, ok that is one thing that needs a monthly subscription but there must be something else without. So I tap another thing. Again, it says: Pay the monthly subscription. So I’m just like, ok there is one more thing. It must be something you can do without monthly subscription. So I click it. And again! PAY MONTLY SUBSCRIPTION TO UNLOCK! LIKE WHAT THE HELL! THIS APP IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND IS PROBABLY A SCAM! -Ali


Don’t download!!! It’s a scam!!! You can’t cancel!!! They try and steal your money!!!

Bad experience

I downloaded it out of curiosity and gave it a go. Didn’t like it and unsubscribed. I was still changed for a monthly subscription. I emailed the app maker a couple times and never received a response. Very sketchy. I would love to let them know, But can’t get ahold of anyone. Somewhat untrustworthy

Rip off. $20/month

Free for 3 days and then $20/ month. What a scam. Don’t download it.


Omg ! I absolutely recommend this.

Canceling after free trial is NOT easy

The app implores you to do a 3 day trial, with an automatic 19.99/mo charge to follow at the end of the trial. However, there is no place to manage subscription in the account settings as the instructions suggest. Difficult to get help with the problem.

I’m a free app snob

I’ll admit, I’m a free app snob. Downloaded this app, the free trial ( 3 days) wanted me to subscribe first so I would have to cancel if I don’t want the app. It’s 10$ a month.. 🤦🏼‍♂️😃🔫 Not just insta-delete, but enough for me to post a review.

Scam to take your money

So the app is free to download, but then you have to pay $19.99 a month to use it! 😡😡😡

My Palm Reading

Overall, my palm reading was accurate. I enjoyed reading my results. Thanks.

What?!? Just...what?!?

I’m the kind of person that laughs at other people who read horoscopes, and watch for star alignments and whatnot. I’m creeped out HOW accurately the entire reading was for me. In fact, I’m uncomfortable. There is now way for an app to merely be able to look at my palm and know precisely the same strengths/weaknesses, past experiences/personal goals, and other details the way I do. I could not have written something more spot-on for myself if I was being paid to do it.

Crashes opening palm reading results

Downloaded and took pictures of palm. App said it would require around 2 hours to get results. Notification came in with results ready, go to open app, tap on messages icon, and app crashes. Unable to see results. Unable to use app. No good :(

Accident download

Accidentally download this stupid game and they are trying to charge me money because I didn’t know you had to UNSUBSCRIBE IM SO IRRITATED

The best app

The best app

This has helped me so much

Being able to see the meaning of my palm allowed me to know who I am and how to better deal which situations thrown my way!!!

Everything I was looking for!

Awesome app!

Pretty good

I’m extremely satisfied with this.. it says you have to pay but it gives you an option to watch a video instead.. these were extremely accurate...

Overall good interaction

Phrasing is a little off. As it’ll translated into English. Get the jist.

$20 charged even after erasing the app

$20 for an app? Seriously? And they have no way to opt-out, other than deleting the app - which DOESN’T actually opt you out from the subscription fee. Do not download!!


Total garbage. Information was very brief and general and basic. Tons of grammatical errors. I feel like this app was created by some sort of phone bot, not actual people. And trying to cancel is impossible within the app. Check your email and follow the links to cancel from there.

Did it for fun

I don’t really believe in this stuff and wouldn’t pay a single dollar to have some crazy person try to tell me about my life and stuff by my date of birth or lines on my hand. It’s called consciousness of self people, you should be able to understand your own emotions and personality traits. Anyways, I didn’t even sign up for the 3-day trial. I cancelled the purchase the second the thing popped up and it still let me through, just had to watch an ad for the palm reading thing. I’m going to double check my settings to make sure but no subscription for me. Interested to see the results, but seriously people. Don’t pay anything for this nonsense, only do it for fun.


I am shocked the reading described me perfectly. Now if I can just figure out how to apply everything to improve my life.

Great free trial

First things first: this app is amazingly accurate and got even my eating habits correctly! I am very impressed with the performance of this app, although I can’t make a subscription.

The Accuracy

It was spot on!!

Worse app ever

After few hours of downloading of app i delete the app from my phone then why you guys charge $19.99 without my authorization? Refund my money.


The accidental subscription might be out of experience with the app but when i can 100% assure you that this app is not free at all and pretty expensive for such app. You should be a freak to actually pay for this


Don’t download

  • send link to app